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I’m a Creative Director, Designer, Leader, Blogger and Speaker. For over 15 years I’ve created the strategy, concepts and designs for award-winning integrated global advertising campaigns, multiple global Fortune 500 brands and innovative digital experiences for web sites, mobile apps, wearables, global social media platforms and emerging technologies.

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 Peace, love and @invaderwashere #streetart  If you hack the FaceTime camera in my MacBook Pro this will be the view you get pretty much every minute I'm working. #PugIsMyCoDesigner #pug #pugsofinstagram  Incredible seats @u2 #u2ietour
 I will always be obsessed with the genius of @tristaneaton #streetart  The calm before I take the stage as the first speaker at the Engage Digital Storytelling conference today in NYC  Caption contest with @camarenameadows - go! @fortinapizza @cpthecook
 Finding some #streetart inspiration today in NYC. #ronenglish @ronenglishart  Love end the day with an email letting you know the #AppleWatch app you designed is appearing in two more #Apple commercials  My design team decided they wanted to work outside today but they are kind of a micromanager. #pug #pugsofinstagram #PugIsMyCoDesigner