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Sharing your secrets

Secret deodorant has launched a new TV and online campaign called “What’s Your Secret”. The concept is to “look into the souls of strong women, whose candid secrets reflect their character.” The commercials are reality TV clips of two people where one reveals a secret they have never told the other one. The tag at the end of the spot asks if you are strong enough to share your secret at their microsite – The microsite then lets consumers confess their own secrets online and you can search the confessions by keyword or the senders first name. Confessions that have been sent by SMS will also appear on the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square.

I do really like the very integrated design of the campaign as the TV drives consumers to the web site and site is able to then extend the concept. I like the non-traditional nav on the site that adds flair but I am not sure why it is necessary since the site design has an abundance of usable space. The Time Square extension to the site is interesting but that concept has already been executed in a more compelling way by Lexus and Nationwide insurance.

Share Your Secret

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