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Visionaire – The world’s most expensive magazine

My wife recently turned me on to a very interesting magazine called Visionaire. It is a very unique multiformat magazine that is published three times a year in exclusive numbered limited editions. Each issue features works by famous and emerging artists from around the world as well as celebrities, fashion designers, art directors and image makers. Each issues is created around a theme and they have included Taste (which has chocolate samples in the issue), Scent (which had perfume and scents), Fashion (which was create by Louis Vuitton) and Play (which is shown and done with the designers of the PS2). They even partnered with toy maker Kid Robot to do four sets of toys designed by famous fashion designers. All of this design and style comes with a high price as a yearly subscription (4 issues) is $675 and rare individual issues easily run in to the thousands on eBay. A collector recently sold a complete set of all 49 Visionaire issues at a Sotheby’s auction for $32,000! They are hard to find but keep and eye out for it because they are like no other magazine you will ever see.

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