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Consumers star in Levi’s new viral campaign

Levi’s is launching a viral campaign that let’s consumers star in their own personalized version of the reality TV spoof “jeans thief”. Using imaging technology created by Personiva in San Francisco, users can upload their headshots and then receive a copy of the Levi’s commercial featuring themselves in the lead role of a jeans thief caught live on the evening news. Levi’s is hoping that this foray into interactive brand building will boost overall impressions via e-mail, instant messages, blogs and video sites as users share their personalized commercials. The interactive experience was create by Levis’s agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

This campaign is smart for two reasons. First is that is allows consumers to personalize and extend their time with the commercial as well as bond with it in a unique way since they are able to personalize the content. Second is that they have then thought out the consumer sales cycle and try to move them into a sales state as everyone who participates gets an e-mail coupon for free shipping on orders above $75. The best ads always merge great content, a brand experience and get the client sales.

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