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I’m not someone who feels the need to gush about everything Crispin Porter + Bogusky does. As a matter of fact I think their work regularly goes between genius and crap. The work they did for Mini was genius. Subservient chicken was crap.

That wasn’t a typo – I think it was crap. I am sure the CP&B groupies and suck-ups just went diving for the comments link to tell me how wrong I am so before I move on I will explain. I will only go far as to say that it was an idea that could only be done online but for weeks after launch no one knew it was for Burger King and if you watched their sales no one bought any sandwiches. It is one of a handful of times I agreed with Bob Garfield over at Advertising Age when he gave it one star.

That being said I finally got caught up on links my friends have sent me and saw the Gypsy Cab Project which CP&B did for the re-launch of the VW Rabbit. The project is a reality video experiment where a driver cruised the streets of Manhattan for 14 days offering perfect strangers free taxi rides in an effort to demonstrate the Rabbit’s ability to negotiate extreme city traffic. The Rabbit was wired with 4 pinhole camera and microphones to capture all the action and has the same vibe as HBO’s taxicab confessions. The footage of all 103 fares were then posted to the site and you can explore them either by thumbnail or by location on a map. The site is simple but effective at giving you all the content you want and even more with the city driving directory. It doesn’t fall into the trap that Subservient Chicken didn’t since it still has the reality television feel and entertainment value but this has clear branding and great product demonstration.

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