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  • IKEA Everday Heros

    Came across the latest online offering from IKEA today and it is very cool. The interface lets you choose for 7...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 26, 2006
  • Mobil Flash finally goes mainstream

    Verizon wireless has announced that four of its upcoming cell phones will support Adobe’s mobil version of Flash – “Flash Light”....

    Digital cultureStephen GatesOctober 26, 2006
  • Walmart goes rich (media)

    Shopping mega-giant Walmart has re-designed their website in the hopes of boosting their e-commerce sales. The new site sports better browsing...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 24, 2006
  • GMC Arabia commands respect

    ARC Worldwide Dubai has launched a site for GMC Arabia promoting the new Yukon. The site supports an computer animated TV...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 22, 2006
  • Audi – designed to thrill

    Saw these new print ads for Audi today for their “designed to thrill” campaign and thought they were well done.

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesOctober 20, 2006
  • Bentley tells it like it is

    I have no idea if this ad is real or not but I saw this ad for Bentley today and loved...

    FunnyStephen GatesOctober 20, 2006
  • Making HP’s "Hands"

    I’m a huge fan of HP’s “The Computer is Personal Again” campaign which features celebrities speaking about their computers using only...

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesOctober 19, 2006
  • The future of search engines?

    Saw this new search engine yesterday called Ms. Dewey and thought it was worth mentioning. It is nothing new but is...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 19, 2006
  • Paint the town followup

    Back in the beginning of August I wrote out the new SONY Bravia commercial which looked amazing. They have now completed...

    Exceptional creativeStephen GatesOctober 18, 2006
  • ‘Beer Cannon’ misses the mark

    For years I have been talking about the fact that viral sensation Subservient Chicken was a failure because it generated a...

    Online advertising reviewStephen GatesOctober 17, 2006

    I praised the work done on the unique Samsung SGH site and finally learned who created it. A design company out...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 14, 2006
  • DiddyTV skips a beat

    Burger King and Sean “Diddy” Combs to launch DiddyTV. It is a YouTube brand channel and for far it has fallen...

    Digital cultureStephen GatesOctober 13, 2006
  • Cell phone simulcasting

    Several companies have gambling that the next generation of broadcast networks will be seen on mobil phones and not TV’s. They...

    Digital cultureStephen GatesOctober 12, 2006
  • Army strong. Verbs dead.

    McCann Worldgroup is going to replace the U.S. Army’s tagline of ‘Army of One’ with “Army Strong” in a new series...

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesOctober 12, 2006
  • Sony re-launches

    Today Sony relaunched to tease the upcoming release of the PS3. You arrive at the main page of the site...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesOctober 12, 2006