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Brawny Academy

Brawny papertowels and their agency Fallon are trying an interesting concept by shooting their own eight episode reality series which will play exclusively on their Unfortunately the show can be describes as a bad Survivor rip off as eight men, sent by their wives, will undergo training to become more thoughtful, more helpful and more romantic. Small parts of the show are funny and usually are thanks to the Brawny Man’s over the top manly lines like “when i was clearing cougars from the camp this morning”. Even though real drama does emerge in the end, I find it frustrating that they feel the best way they can appeal to their female target is to play the slovenly couch potatoe husband card.

The site has a very nice production value and does a good job to create an engaging wrapper for the content. I was intruiged by the “watch video fullscreen” option up until I clicked on it only to find that it was nothing more than a scaled up version of the regular video which did nothing but highlight the bad video compression. So see for yourself and let me know what you think.

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