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Sony re-launches

Today Sony relaunched to tease the upcoming release of the PS3. You arrive at the main page of the site to find a strange looking pattern that looks like pieces of the four symbols found on a Playstation controller. You soon realize that the pieces form a keyboard and only clicking them in the right order will trigger content to be displayed. Within hours of the site launch hordes of PS3 fans had tried millions of combinations and had figured out that each symbol corresponds to a letter and had lists of the codes needed to see the content.

Use this picture and then click on the symbols to spell any of these words and you will find video or info:
factorfive – all new 2 min Lair trailer
fire – Lair footage (shows Tauros? New monster)
fangs – Lair combat montage
king – Heavenly Sword wallpaper
nariko – Heavenly Sword wallpaper
andyserkis – Heavenly Sword TGS trailer
mayday – Warhawk wallpaper
dogfight – Warhawk video
machone – Warhawk music
tedprice – Resistance behind the scenes – MUSIC
chimera – Resistance wallpaper
nathanhale – Resistance behind the scenes – TECHNOLOGY
music – Genji soundtrack
heishi – Genji 2 wallpaper
evolutionstudios – video
dust – Motorstorm wallpaper
monumentvalley – Wallpaper

It is a testiment to the fact that if you have a product people wantthey will go to amazing lengths to get unqiue content and have an insider experience.

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