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Adobe’s creative mind

It would seem that buying Macromedia may have finally given Adobe a clue to the fact that for a company who creates tool for creative professionals, their promotions are painfully uncreative. They have launched a new site called The Creative Mind to promote the release of an update to their Creative Suite package.

The site content is split between three different planets which also serve as the primary navigation. The content is then hidden in the planets and you have roll around to see what you can click on. This part feels awkward since the look of the objects you can click on don’t relate to the content they are linked to. The alternative is a site map with an interesting layout but you have to figure out that you can access it by clicking on the sparking star between all the planets. So while the site is a step in the right direction it is more looks than substance and didn’t make me want to upgrade any more than reading the list of upgraded features.

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