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Photoshop CS3 follow-up

So I spent the holiday pounding away on Photoshop CS3 and thought I would give a quick update.

For me the new interface is probably the most impressive thing about CS3. It seems that after years Adobe has finally gotten together a team that really understand how designer use Photoshop and they have created a new interface that puts everything at your fingertips but keeps it out of your way.

The speed increase and ability to run on Intel Mac’s is a tie with the new interface for the best things about CS3 and I have spent a lot of time thinking about that fact and it makes me mad. When I worked on Exxon I learned the term “begrudging dependence” which is when you will up with something you hate because you have to have it. Adobe left all of us twisting in the wind for nearly a year waiting for this application to get us back to where we were on our old Mac’s. I would hope someone at Adobe reads this and shutters at the fact that their tactics are being compared to Exxon. I would have thought they would have taken a page from macromedia’s book and the Flash 7 massacre when they tried to court more developers into using Flash and ended up with no new customer and pissed off the rest of their customer base.

I have never liked Bridge. It always seemed like the little kid no one in the neighborhood liked but you had to play with because is parents were big shots. I liked it when it was called File Browser and was integrated into the application. My work flow keeps me in Photoshop 70% of the time and not switching between all the different CS products so I was frustrated that I now had to run two applications when I used to just have one. This new version is finally to a place where it is a useful tool that is fast, customizable and something that could help you in your day-to-day work.

I am going to get into more of the new features in the coming weeks and will update you on that when I have it.

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