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Cingular Blackjack

I am not a Blackberry fan. I never found them the least bit appealing but found one on my desk when I started my new job. I never use it for anything but a mobile calendar that helps me remember the conference room of my next meeting. Maybe it is because I am a design whore and they are I find them ugly with keys that are too small for my big fingers. If Apple came out with one I would probably be all over it. I was intrigued by the new Cingular Blackjack commercial I saw the other day. The visually stylish simplicity and hip groove draws you in while the device in manipulated like a deck of cards to show you just enough hints of the it’s functionality to draw you in. Once I went to Cingular’s Web site the interest quickly faded as the device is not nearly is cool in real life as it if looks in TV commercials but what is new there.

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