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JEEP teams up with Marvel for Patriot launch


So in their latest attempt to boost their brand, Jeep has teamed up with Marvel comics and Organic to create the online campaign that will support BBDO’s launch campaign for the new Patriot SUV. The site has an interesting take on user generated content where users go to the site and they help shape the plot of a 20-page comic-in-progress (starring the car, of course) by submitting their comments and story ideas in the form of written text, digital photos or scanned artwork. The best ideas are then incorporated into the evolving story by Marvel artist Bing Cansino.

The site has an interesting interface where all 20 pages are laid out next to each other and you can page through the work so far. On comics pages see the artwork in pencil, ink and color layers. It is interesting that in terms of automotive advertising, the car does take the back seat to the comic content. It will be interesting to see if this take on user generated content works and can help create a successful launch across a wide demographic.

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