To Top 2 – Alpha 0.1

So I am going to do something I have never done before and let you become part of my process in designing and creating a 2.0 This is a very, very early alpha that I have develop over the next few months. The site has been in development for about a year now but it has been slow going since I can only work on it in my free time and there isn’t much of that. Something will look familiar but a lot of it is brand new. 75% of the time has been spent on the Actionscripting as everything has been written or re-written from the ground up in Actionscript 2. This coding has created a 150k core site that dynamically creates the portfolio section in three templates through data arrays and XML feeds. The other 25% of the time has been spent completely re-doing all the site content which is formidable since this new version has 178 case studies and I am trying to add as much video of the sites in action as possible. I will be adding the design layers and other sections on top of this new core over the next few months so feel free to give me any comments or feedback and check back now and then to see the progress.

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