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Visa Signature Living

I saw today that AKQA has put out a new site for Visa called Visa Signature Living to launch their new line of luxury rewards cards. The site is created around what is supposed to be the ultimate to-do list for your life. The list includes everything from “go heli-skiing” to “kiss the Blarney Stone”. The site is well executed enough and provides just enough production value and video to keep you engaged but when you scratch below the surface you start to see the problem with the concept.

Visa is going after the aspiration traveler who likes to go on trips that are slightly beyond their normal means. It is a lucrative target that a lot of companies are trying to hit. The problem here is that this concept just doesn’t deliver because there is nothing Visa can own that will make this card distinct in almost all of the content. When you go to “kiss the Blarney stone” all you get is a short history of the stone and that is it. A few of the entries to have travel packages associated with them but none of them seemed to provide anything I probably couldn’t do on my own.

One thing this consumer target craves is insider access and the feeling of being special. Where is that access or feeling? Why couldn’t I just book almost any of these things with any credit card? For online advertising to be a success it has to marry a resonant creative concept with a compelling and actionable hook. Sad to say there is just no good hook here

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