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As web designers we work in very technology centric industry that likes to question how everything is done and the only constant is change. Our ever evolving technology forces us to find better and newer ways of doing everything. But as designers how can we separate the constantly changing technology from the un-changing need to have great ideas and created great designs?

I was lucky enough to grow up in an extremely creative family and my father was the executive creatice director at an ad agency in Pittsburgh. When most kids where earning their allowance from chores and paper routes, I was starting my advertising career. This was back in the dark ages before computers when you had to do paste-up keys, cut rubylith and set rub-down type all by hand. I am going to assume 90%+ have no idea what I just said I think that is a problem. For me, when it comes to my creative process and concepting I think that the old ways are the best ways. We seems to have lost our way and gotten too wrapped up in the shiny new technology we have to play with. We have forgotten that any advertising or design needs to start with a strategy and an idea. This never needed to be re-inevnted and we have become more concenred with production techniques and browser plug-ins than great ideas that create brands and shape culture.

All of that being said, I have decided to start writing a series of articles to help us all go back to basics. To look at what goes into a great ad, great typography, strategy and more. I also want to spend some time looking at the one thing no one ever seems to teach you – the tools and techniques that will help you have a great idea.

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