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The new Wieden + Kennedy

For its 25th anniversary, Wieden + Kennedy has re-launched their web site. They got Flash guru Marcos Weskamp to create the site that is a sprawling online gallery containing a large amount of Wieden’s work through the years. It is primarly displayed through a searchable timeline filled with hundreds of words but it can also be shown in a variety of other more traditional information displays.

Overall, I’m not that blown away by the site because it feels more like an exercise in information design and Flash production than the creative experience I hoped for from a creative body like this. The timeline is feels like a mess and finding information seems to be more a matter of luck than anything else.

For years I have said that ad agencies are wonderfully creative places that have some of the most un-inspired and boring sites out there. It is what lead me to create the t:m interactive site which was based around a concept so it would be more than a collection of links and thumbnails. For me the best agency site is still Leo Burnett becuse it’s creative and ties back to the black pencil which is the heart of the agency.

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