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Little Big Planet

I have been into video games more than usual lately and I recently saw one that really got my attention call Little Big Planet for the PS3. The game starts with you learning about the character’s powers as they interact with the game environment made up of obstacles to explore, things to collect and puzzles to solve. As you explore, your creative skills will grow and you will be ready to start creating and modifying your surroundings. That for me is the most intriguing part since creativity is huge part of the game play experience. Since you can alter the world you can make your world as open or as secretive as you want. When your world is ready, you can invite anyone within the LittleBigPlanet community to come and explore your design or can go and explore other level created by the community. It is this aspect of community and user-generated content in a new very accessible presentation that has me so interested. Plus the added bonus is that the whole thing looks like it is a real time PIXAR movie. A demo is due out later this year and full game release in early 2008.

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