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Yugo Nakamura’s Eye Project

Yugo Nakamura is at it again as he launched another one of his creations this week. This new site brings up memories of the Uniqlo Explorer he launched a few months ago since it again uses a stunning photo mosaic but this time the site if for Japanese telecommunications company KDDI. Users are submit and can view the images, videos, camera phone and web cam images that make up the large mosaic of a woman. You can rollover the mosaic, zoom into images and see more information about each entry. The press is reporting there are currently over 51,000 images making up this image called “Look” and the next image call “Talk” will launch in a few weeks.

It is also interesting that they are embracing the blogging community in a way I haven’t seen before as they will give you code where you can put the ad unit below on your blog. You can either add a generic ad unit or one that is specific to your comtribution.

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