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Microsoft Forefront

Microsoft has launched a new microsite for their new Forefront software. The product is designs to help shield companies from hackers and spyware. So the concept of the site is an IT guy takes on zombies, secret agents, aliens and ninjas to show that all of them are harder to deal with than stopping hackers with Forefront. You can choose any of these characters to interact with and then choose from 10 different interaction options. The most interesting thing about the site is that there isn’t 1 photo in the entire site – it is 100% video and it is some of the best I have seen since it was shot in 1080i.

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  1. Stefan

    April 18, 2007 at 7:49 am

    Wonder if it was created by a British company. Note the use of the term “electric torch” rather than “electric lamp” or “desk lamp”.

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