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MSNBC NewsBreaker

MSNBC has launched the beta of Newsbreaker which is a game like Breakout where breaking bricks reveal power-ups and other goodies but in this case the goodies are headlines of the day. It is an interesting online extension of SS+K’s “A Fuller Spectrum of News” campaign.

The game was created by Fuel Industries wuth SS+K and it arranges the falling headlines revealed from breaking bricks along the right side of the screen so you can read the headlines after your last life is lost or you pause the game. It is an interesting twist on online gaming with a content integration twist.

SS+K also developed a very cool and unique multiplayer version of the game to be played inside movie theaters and relies on collective audience participation. Several theaters in LA, Philadelphia and New York City will be equipped with a camera that tracks the motion of the entire audience. Projected on the screen will be a modified version of the game and a faint mirror image of the audience in the background. When the audience leans their bodies to the left in their seats, the paddle on the bottom will react with their movement and move to the left. When the ball makes it way towards the right, they will all have to collectively lean to the right to keep the ball in play, and so on.

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