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Nike blasts Don Imus

Nike has now jumped into the fray surrounding radio host Don Imus and his comments about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team. So far the campaign has only been seen as a full-page print ad in this past Sunday’s New York Times and as the message on the home page of but ad units will run on more sites soon. The campaign does not mention Mr. Imus because Nike felt that they did not use his name or image in order to keep the focus on moving ahead with the dialogue and not reviewing what happened in the previous two weeks. Some critics have already come out of the woodwork with comments similar to what was heard about the Nike Lance Armstrong work where they question if this is a progressive way to focus on a national issue or is an exploitation of an emotional situation by a marketer. You be the judge for yourself but I think anything that cause sit awareness and debate over these issues is a good thing.

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