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Hungry Suitcase – Vacation Fun-a-lyzer

Royal Caribbean cruise lines who brought us the award winning Freedom of the Seas site has launched a new micro site called The Hungry Suitcase. The site starts without any Royal Caribbean branding on purpose to keep you from knowing it is trying to push you to their vacations. The heart of the site lets you create your “dream” vacation by dragging different items into a talking suitcase. The use of video and animation creates a really engaging experience but the process does feel confined since all the items you get all center around beach or sports themes. Once you go through the site you know that the limitations are a result of the things you can do on a cruise ship are limited. You finish the process by having your choices put together into a musical number where the suitcase sings your choices to you which is a nice payoff to the process. So the final result is that it is a fun and engaging site but I have never felt that this bait and switch tactic of hiding the fact that it is a corporate site was a good one with increasingly cynical consumers who could react badly.

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