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Doritos – Fight for the Flavor

Doritos has launched a new microsite site called Fight for the Flavor to promote two new flavors of Doritos. Only one of the flavors will get produced based on how the public votes so this forms the concept behind the site.

I find this concept very curious since I am being asked to vote on a food I have never tasted. It may be tied to my pet pieve of any dining experience where immediately after getting a salad or plate of food an over eager waiter appears with a comically oversized pepper grinder wanting to know if I would like some added to the food. I haven’t tasted it yet so how the hell can I answer that question? It seems like the same thing here because I have no idea which one I like.

That core problem aside, the content is only made up of the ability to vote for a flavor or playing a game that will let you control one of the two bags in a boxing style fight. The fighting game is well done and a short diversion but it reminds me of the Burger King Chicken Fight game from over a year ago.

A link at the bottom says this is part of the new Snack Strong Production which I haven’t seen before it is an elaborate production I will explore more in another post.

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