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Replacing Online Ads with Art

In a sign that people have finally had enough with the junk mail style tactics of a most online advertising, there is a growing trend around browser adblockers. Of the 100+ add-ons available for Firefox, adblockers are now the most popular download and add-on. They work by preventing advertising images from downloading and replacing them with blank space or art from a curated collection. All of this really came into focus for me yesterday when it was picked up on by the New York Times in an article called ‘Web Fight: Blocking Ads and Adding Art‘ Currently the most popular is Adblock Plus which has over 4 million downloads since January 2006 and it’s predecessor Adblock has been downloaded over 8 million times. I think it will be interesting to watch and see the the industry deals with this growing trend when we spend so time and money to target consumers who can now simply choose to completely tune us out.

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