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Mindfreak your friends – THIS IS AWESOME!

If you want to freak out your friends check out because this is the coolest viral site I have seen in YEARS! It was created by my friends over at EVB and all you have to do is enter your friends name and phone number and the site will create a YouTube style video just for them where Chris Angel will appear to guess their name and phone number though the screen. The site experience is then followed up by Chris calling their phone number to freak them out even more. It is hysterical to send it to someone and watch them freak out when Chris guesses their info.

For me this concept is genius for two reasons. First, it plays perfectly into the YouTube era phenominon of people forwarding video links to their friends. It is something that happens every day so when you start to watch the video you dismiss the fact that you have never heard of the site because there are so many YouTube clones out there. So the end result, unlike other recent viral hits like Elf Yourself, is that you don’t see it coming and once it happens you immediately want to do it to all your friends. Second, is that unlike Subservient Chicken this viral piece puts the product front and center and you definitely remember Chris Angel.

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