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Altoids Google Earth Game

Altoids has launched a new game called “Where’s Cindy“. The game is a straight rip off of Where’s Waldo with the only unique twist is that it is done in Google Earth where you follow clues to Where’s Cindy. So while this gets some credit for being the first attempt I have seen to use Google Earth in a game, the problem is that there is no explanation about why I should care about finding her.

The game play consists of you typing a location into your passport and correct answers will give you Google Earth kml file with the corresponding place mark of the answer on Google Earth. When you load the place mark all it does it link back to a new page on the website with a new clue. This constant back and forth creates a bad user dynamic because you have to keep switching between your web browser and Google Earth as each new clue comes in a new kml file. So while this is breaking new ground, the way it is executed keeps it from being anything more than a forgettable first attempt that will be lost to the hype that will surround concept that gets this channel right.

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