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I recently discovered I like the site and will use but it does get dangerously close to the Adobe Kuler project at times. Like Kuler, the site lets your create, save, rank and comment on palettes usually made up of 5 colors. The site does differentiate itself in the Colors Blog and Trends sections. The Colors section is strange since it is the same functionality as the Palettes section but each submission is limited to one color. Aside from the social experiment of see what is the world’s favorite color I am lost as to what I would use this section for. The Blog is the standard fare but it does have nice content which obviously focuses around color. The Trends section is one of the more interesting sections as it has palettes taken from popular magazines and websites. I think this info could lead to an interesting starting point for designers or it could lead to a lot more accurate copycats – I hope for the earlier but expect the later.

So in the final analysis I tried using Adobe’s Kuler but it didn’t stay in my toolkit for very long because the overly clever interface just couldn’t do everything I needed. I will give a spin and see if the additional content and functionality keeps it in my good graces.

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