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Today Apple released a few new products at their developers conference but they also released a new design for their site which brought a new visual design and content organization. Those of you who are regulars to the site probably saw the change coming as they have been moving away from the Aqua style that was launched with OS X to a cleaner and more modern design that mirrors the brushed titanium look of the towers and Pro notebooks. The content was simplified into 6 main nav options so you will have to re-find some of your favorite sections. The Store and iPhone were untouched but the Mac and iPod+iTunes sections got the biggest overhauls with a horizontal scrolling product explorer to see all their offerings. It is a clean experience that brings focus to the top of the page but I struggle with the rest of the content pages as they all now use Web 2.0 technology where modules have sliding tabs that reveal more info about the content. It is a nice way to get a lot of content into one page but some of the pages use so many that it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start exploring. They are always tweaking and tuning the design so it will be interesting to see if this system continues over time or if it moves towards the more simplified theme we have seen and evolved in the past.

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