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The Flash Files

Over the years Flash has taken a beating for a lot of reasons – some of which were legitimate and some that were over inflated. To help address this problem the development team at Nurun | Ant Farm Interactive created a site to defend the technology called ‘The Flash Files’. The site is designed like a noir detectives desktop with the coffee cup, lamp and a six file folders each labeled with specific Flash criticisms. Topics covered include “Flash is a discouraging plug-in,” “Flash cannot be optimized to be search engine-friendly” and “User behavior cannot be monitored on a Flash website.”. All the topics are well researched and do a good job of not being too tech heavy in their explanation.

While I saw clients take a strong stand against Flash at one point, I personally haven’t seen any push back in the past few years so I am not sure what triggered them to create this site. Maybe I should take it as inspiration and create a site about how the idea behind the Flash is more important than the production technique used to bring it to life.

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