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Wet Paint Please Touch

So the Wiki, which lets users create written content that can be shared and edited by multiple people, has been around for a while now but I saw a site today that put a really interesting twist on the concept called Wet Paint Please Touch. Like any Wiki the site lets you browse, contribute and create to the content on the site but in this case the content is not written but visual.

Would-be virtual artists start with a blank canvas and have a variety of tools and colors to create their mural. Once their masterpiece is complete the canvas can be forwarded to friends so that they can contribute their own creative vision to the piece. Once all of that is finished the painting is exhibited in the online gallery where visitors can explore and rate the work. Not forgetting the social media aspects you can also downloaded your work to post on you MySpace pages, Facebook profiles or get your own domain like So the simple interface and social group art concept make it one of the more unique and interesting sites I have seen in a long time.

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