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I wait on iPhone

It has been a hotly debated subject for me and my friends over the past few months – if we should get an iPhone when it launched this week. For me it has gone back and forth because I have always been the guy who takes it on the chin and the wallet be an early adopter. For now I settled on waiting until they at least get a version that has 20GB of storage.

We will see if that lasts because I haven’t actually had my hands on one yet and I know that is going to come to an end this week because one of my best friends got one. He called me from the back of a cab that was rocketing through New York headed for the SoHo Apple store around 11pm on launch night to get one. He is a very well educated and experienced technology junky who knows his stuff so I was fascinated to see his opinion once he had a chance to live with it for a while. I expected it to get mixed reviews and I was more than little shocked when he simply said “This is the greatest piece of consumer electronics I have ever owned. It lives up to all the hype.” We will see if I can hold and I will post my review once I get my hands on one.

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