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Brad Bird & Ratatouille are brilliant

I, like most of America, just don’t go to the movies much anymore and when I do I only enjoy kids movies. It comes as no surprise that the best of those movies have been from PIXAR. When they joined forces with Brad Bird who is my favorite animation director I was beyond excited. The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies of all time and with my love of cooking I couldn’t wait to see Ratatouille. For me it absolutely delivered the goods and once again proves that Brad Bird is just working on another level from every other American animation director today. It is a much more mature work than any other PIXAR film and unfortunately I think it isn’t going to be a huge commercial success because kids will like the look of the characters but are going to have a hard time connecting with the material. It is also interesting to point out that this is the first PIXAR movie to make place in a real location and does a wonderful job of portraying the romance and personality of Paris. I will not spoil any of the film but if you go see the film pay special attention to Ego’s review near the end of the movie because I think it is a wonderfully written and thought provoking statement on the creative process and what we do.

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