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Jeep – Have Fun Out There

Jeep has the new tagline of ‘Have fun out there’ and to support this they have launched The site takes Jeep tagged content from Youtube, Flickr, Myspace or any other user gen web site and aggregates it into one place. I am not the target audience they are targeting but the experience seems really shallow since they don’t do anything more than aggregate the content. I would have expected more out the site since they have such a wealth of content and they are tapping into their most passionate and loyal core. A blog widget to display your photo and link to the site, a way to share you photo with a friend, linking Jeep owners with similar experiences or photos together to create a community or any other number of ideas could have made this site work a lot harder for the brand. I am assuming that Jeep will use this as an ongoing user gen platform so it will be interesting to see if it evolves past this basic state in the future.

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