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Mercedes C-Class UK

So after reviewing Audi Rhythm of the Lines site it seems the movement towards non-traditional car sites continues with the new UK Mercedes C-Class microsite. The main nav is six color circles of light that represent qualities of the C-Class and clicking on the various options reveals content that is equal parts color spectrum experiments, geometric configurations, mini-gaming and ambient-techno music. These section are surprisingly engaging for their simplicity but this engaging flow is broken at the end by copy that explains the meaning behind each word and how it relates to the car. This is one of those place where you either wish they would have given the consumers more credit being able to understand the simple relationships between the words and the product or had subtly infused the design with elements of the car to not have to have that copy. So in the end the site makes strides into new territory for the brand but you have to question if the design will resonate with their core audience and if it can move the needle on sales.

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