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Diesel Denim Dating

Diesel has updated their site to support their fall denim campaign called Diesel Denim Dating. The homepage is literally an animated personals section like you would find in any newspaper and you drag your mouse around to scan over the over sized page and the ads found within. About two thirds of the page is filled with small randomly placed and dynamically created text ads which are just static content. Sprinkled throughout these smaller ads are larger, color 3D ads of Diesel models wearing the new apparel. You can click on any model and read about their personality along with specs on the clothes they’re wearing. Though certainly fake, you can email the models if you want to take a chance on a potential love connection. There is also a 18+ “Denim Dating” section which is a gallery where you can upload your own glamour shot and profile for viewing. I question if these shots really get posted or if this is a clever way to get your info since when I clicked into a few of them I got copy that sounded like the dynamically generated mad libs like in the small text ads from the main portion of the site. So the site is interesting with a simple interface and content that will capture your attention for a little while. It doesn’t have the production issues found in Diesel Heaven but it also doesn’t reach for the same ambitious level.

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