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  • Ecotonoha Returns

    For anyone who may have missed it the first time around, the mega award winning Ecotonoha Project is live and accepting...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 26, 2007
  • Papervision3D & APE Magic Carpet

    Manuel Bua is at it again with this amazing new Magic Carpet simulation that makes use of APE (Actionscript Physics Engine)...

    Exceptional FlashStephen GatesAugust 22, 2007
  • Cut the bullshit

    Last weekend I was on my way out of the city through the Lincoln tunnel and drove by the Manhattan Mini...

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesAugust 21, 2007
  • Flash Player finally supports H.264

    Adobe finally got with the program today and announced the latest update for Flash Player 9, code-named Moviestar, which includes H.264...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 21, 2007
  • Coca-Cola Happiness Factory: The Movie

    This week Coke, Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam and Psyop unveiled the latest installment to the Happiness Factory series which I have written about...

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesAugust 19, 2007
  • Paper Critters

    Anyone who has seen my office knows it looks like a showroom extension for the Kidrobot store in SoHo so I...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 18, 2007
  • My Kid Could Paint That

    I follow the fine art community but I am not a huge devotee. This world was once again trust into the...

    Design CutureStephen GatesAugust 18, 2007
  • Hondamentalism

    Honda has launched a site looking to stir and challenge the mind of its fans and racing enthusiasts. The site features...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 18, 2007
  • Philips Robot Skin

    Phillips has launched their follow up to the wildly successful and extremely funny Shave Everywhere campaign and microsite. The new campaign...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 15, 2007
  • My iTunes

    A friend sent me a link yesterday to a new widget from Apple called My iTunes which I hadn’t heard of...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 13, 2007
  • The new

    Since I arrived at Starwood last September I have had a lot of very exciting projects in the works and the...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 13, 2007
  • – People Make Mistakes

    I saw this print ad today for which may the first ad I have ever seen for anything to do...

    Traditional advertisingStephen GatesAugust 10, 2007
  • Unicel Bubbles Up

    I got an email this morning from a designer over at Kelliher Samets Volk that they had launched a new micro...

    Design & user experienceStephen GatesAugust 10, 2007
  • Media Temple iPhone’s home

    My portfolio site, blog and numerous client projects are all hosted with MediaTemple who have always been a great hosting provider....

    iPhone / iPad / iOS designStephen GatesAugust 8, 2007
  • Simpsonize Me Redux

    Trying to prove that doing the same idea twice must make it twice as good, Crispin Porter is back with another...

    Online advertising reviewStephen GatesAugust 8, 2007
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