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Unicel Bubbles Up

I got an email this morning from a designer over at Kelliher Samets Volk that they had launched a new micro site for the wireless company Unicel to support their new “What’s Bubbling Up” campaign. A any company doing the millionth tired iteration of a user generated micro site usually get me about as excited as fighting the tourists in Times Square but this site has an interesting spin I haven’t really seen before.

The visual design and interface is as simple as all the content being displayed in stylized thought bubbles you can roll around to explore. Newly posted bubbles glow white for the first 24 hours and then become part of the crowd. All bubbles have a nice touch where they teases to the content inside by only displaying the first few words of the post so it makes you want to explore around more than usual.

It is disappointing that there isn’t any functionality or a cookie that would let you find your bubble after it is posted because it almost instantly gets lost in the crowd and finding it again from the beginning is almost impossible. Some kind of simple search functionality to help you comb through all the content and let you find the things that would resonate with you would have been a nice addition. Over all the simple visual experience makes it surprisingly engaging and breathes some life back into a very tired concept.

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