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Philips Robot Skin

Phillips has launched their follow up to the wildly successful and extremely funny Shave Everywhere campaign and microsite. The new campaign is called Robotskin like the name suggests it is more sci-fi than stand-up.

It stumbles out of the gate with an intro that is too plain and painfully long. with over written sentences that appear on the screen one after another and read like the love child of the Terminator movie and a Gilette razor commercial.

As a side rant, this is not a good thing since I hate Gilette commercials. They are a complete departure from reality and connection with the customer. You get to hear ” This is how it should feel” while seeing an atlas like figure in black and white holding up the world while shaving. In reality when I use their product it is 6 in the morning before I am awake and I hope I don’t feel anything like this for the rest of the day. But back to the site…

Once I got past the intro you find that the core of the site is a series of mysterious and futuristic webisodes starring the “Grooming Robot”. The initial impression for me was that it was an interesting idea and well executed site but after a few minutes when the execution faded away I was felt scratching my head at how this was going to sell their product. Part of the brilliance of the Shave Everywhere campaign was that the concept and execution kept the product squarely front and center. In Robotskin the product almost invisible and the connection to it through the content is just too thin. The reality is that the site is more of a branded entertainment exercise than a marketing or product campaign. This conclusion seems like it would have been more obvious and faster in coming but I think my view was influenced by the brilliance of Shave Everywhere and I was expecting to be blown away again. When you realize that you are dealing with just branded entertainment and look at through that lens it doesn’t muck better. The content is forgettable as entertainment I would have no urge to go back for future webisodes.

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