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Paper Critters

Anyone who has seen my office knows it looks like a showroom extension for the Kidrobot store in SoHo so I love a new site I came across tonight called Paper Critters which was created by Ruperto Fabito Jr. as his MFA thesis. The site lets your view, create, collect and share your critters which are a simple 3D toy figures. The Toy Creator combines simple drawing tools with stencils and the ability to upload your own art. The tools are simple but combination of all of this gives you a lot to work with and you can create most anything style you want. Once you get it the way you want you can add it the colony with the rest of the world’s creations. You can organize, view and comment on the colony to find the one’s that you like. I only wish you could print out and assemble your Critter so it would stay true to it’s name but the site and experience are incredibly addictive and fun so check it out and create a Critter of your own.


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