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Cut the bullshit

Last weekend I was on my way out of the city through the Lincoln tunnel and drove by the Manhattan Mini Storage building which sits a few blocks from the entrance of the tunnel. They always have funny and or a little politically charged billboards around the city that have taken shots at everyone from Paris Hilton to Dick Chenney. Their new one which has the image of a coat hangar and read “Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose.”

It does it’s job and pretty much stopped everyone in their tracks and you are sure they remembered it. It’s a dangerous and rarely played move to put your politics into your advertising especially around such a highly charged issue.

I am not writing this to talk about the politics or my views on this issue but because the next day I saw the local network New York morning news interview an agent of Manhattan Mini Storage who said they created the billboard to “start the conversation around the issue”. We all know this subject doesn’t need anyone to “start the conversation” so can we please but the bullshit. They did it to get press and they don’t have the backbone to say that it isn’t any deeper than that. You want to advance the community then make a donation to a group that can put the money to use to support your point of view. If not then at least have some honesty so if we can get past the message we can try and respect your brand for being more than a paper lion.

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