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Way to piss off your biggest supporters

So you have probably seen by now that Apple announced a slew of new iPods yesterday including an iPhone like iPod touch. That was great and very cool stuff. Everything fell off the rails at the end of the presentation when Steve Jobs announced that they dropped the price of the iPhone $200. I got my iPhone for free and it was even hard for me to swallow that a short two months after launch they drop the price that much and slap your die hard fans, people who slept in the street and paid the premium to support you in the face. A friend pointed out that he could have returned it through his credit card who guaranteed the price for 60 days but this change came on day 63 so he was out of luck. I understand wanting to have a strong holiday season but I struggle to understand why you would anger your core audience so much.

So I just saw the letter from Steve Jobs posted on where they say they are going to give a $100 store credit to all 8GB iPhone customers. It is a fast move to appease the masses.

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