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Handmade in Brooklyn

I’m 6’4″ and finding anything unique or creative to wear is pretty much impossible. I have struggled with this almost all my life since designers seem to think that as your height increases so does your love of Hawaiian print.

A few weeks ago I met Dan Butler is the designer and creator of Handmade in Brooklyn and was blown away. He designs a line of very unique and extremely well designed shirts that are inspired by everything in Brooklyn as well as his own internal landscapes (personal journals, etc.). He was kind enough to work with me to create some of his designs in sizes I can wear

The main stream continues to seek out and embrace the homogeny of fast food cuisine, art and fashion. We get comfort from consistency and being part of the crowd. We need to embrace and support as many designer like Dan as we can find. I highly encourage you to order any of his fantastic works and any of you in the New York area can find selling his designs in Union Square most weekends.

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