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Neiman Marcus on YouTube?

Having lived in Dallas for years I was able to see first hand how many people are true devotees of this temple of high-end retail. It made me too twice today when I saw that Neiman’s has taken over the YouTube home page to promote its 100th anniversary with designers, former associates and Neiman Marcus executives talking about the company and what its legacy means for fashion. It does seem like a very strange pairing since most of Neiman’s core audience is the ladies-who-lunch crowd but I have seen where other high-end luxury brands have found success on YouTube. The numbers say they may have made a smart move since ComScore data says that indexes higher both in people ages 35 to 54 and in high-income households than the general Internet population.

But like everything the research doesn’t ensure success and though it is still early the numbers look pretty weak since the video only has around 130,000 views and a two star rating. I think that the mediocre results are going to change because even thought this is a small experiment Neiman’s has a few things working against them. First, that the brand has been so old school for so long makes it hard to make a channel shift like this. Second, that this content will only resonate with people who have been to a store and had a reaction like the people in the video. If you don’t have that experience to ground the content then it just seems overly pretentious.

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  1. domus.vita

    September 10, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Have you seen The Store by Fred Wiseman? It’s a documentary on Neiman-Marcus from 1983, the height of the glitz and glamour in Dallas. Good stuff.

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