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Microsoft launches Silverlight

Microsoft finally launched their version of a “Flash killer” called Silverlight which was announced in the spring and officially launched last week. It has initially been getting praise for its ability to stream high-quality video. The Halo 3 Sneak Peek on MSN is the only real consumer site I have seen the technology deployed on and I didn’t think the video looked like anything special at all.

I would have thought Microsoft would have taken some notes on the miserable failure of Adobe’s “Flash killer” Live Motion some years back and really created something different that would have designers wanting to switch. For me, high quality video alone isn’t nearly enough of a reason to ask my users to download a new player and for me to learn a completely new tool set. So while I love the idea of someone finally pushing Adobe to really move the Flash platform forward I think it is going to be a tough road for Microsoft without a lot more work and functionality for us to get excited about.

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