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Manning’s Mind

I was watching football this weekend and saw the seemingly Twin Peaks inspired new commercial with Payton Manning for Sprint. Maybe it is me but I just didn’t see how something that high concept would play with the male dominated football crowd. The end was tagged with the URL so I cruised over to check out the site.
It is basically a simple trivia game wrapped in a football game. You answer multiple choice questions of varying difficultly with the difficulty equating to different amounts of yardage. Like any football game you have to keep getting first down and scoring points to win. It is engaging for a little while but does get repetitive quickly.

The design is pretty vanilla with simple video responses from Manning and a nice but quickly repetitive hologram style animation of the play after you answer each question. I did run into technical problem with the site though and played through the game four times and 2 of the times the game completely froze up on my around the 3rd quarter.

You would have thought that Sprint could have done more than create this disjointed campaign with Manning. It will be interesting to see if they stick with this campaign or creating something new.

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