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Video game advertising grows up

Most night you can find me winding down the day on my PS3 blasting away in Resistance Fall of Man. Being 34 and a gamer does make me feel old at times when all the advertising you see is fast cut montages geared to excite the fast twitch brain muscles of the younger Mountain Dew soaked gaming audience.

Yesterday I saw the first video game commercial that was mature and thoughtful entry into this advertising category. The spot is a teaser for the upcoming release of Halo 3 and looks and sounds very much like something taken directly from HBO’s Band of Brothers. I personally don’t have any connection to that material since I have never owned an Xbox or played Halo my friend and piers who are my age were really effected by it as I passed the link around. My friend who first sent me the link had the best comment when he said “The only real concern I have is that I feel awkward feeling more moved and inspired by the Halo war museum than the Bush wars.”.

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