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Gas pump Haiku

It’s 7:30 on a foggy Wednesday morning just north of New York City as my car pulls into a gas station to fill up. I’m not a morning person so my brain is at least an hour away from getting up to full power and I mindlessly go through the actions at the pump to just get what I need and go. After starting the process the small green screen in the middle of the pump starts to scroll the usual up-sell messages which I glance at and then go back into my morning mental fog. Some part of my brain was awake enough to make to look at the screen again. It took me a lot of brain power and several read through before I realized that I was not crazy. I think the other customers thought I was since I was standing there laughing and taking photos of a gas pump. I was laughing at the screens which are shown above and are a combination of typos and massive user error to create these new age haiku.

Since then I have been sure to check the screens at every gas station I go to and have found several more. is available (patent pending) so has the next viral sensation just been born? Should I sell it to one of the energy giants and retire a millionaire? Am I kidding myself by thinking I have the free time to do any of it? Keep your eyes peeled and send me any good ones you find along your travels.

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