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Infinite OZ

In November the Sci-Fi Channel a futuristic makeover of the Wizard of Oz called Tin Man which is said to be decidedly darker take on the original. They have launched a microsite to support the show called Infinite OZ that was conceived by Fallon in collaboration with interactive firm B-Reel and a several noted CG artists.

The strongest part of the site is that this collaboration produced a lot of interesting visual and animations which you can navigate through on the site. The way you interact with them is very similar to the new IKEA kitchens site as you can again move back and forth along a linear path through a series of scenes of worlds from the show. The interaction isn’t as fluid and intuitive though as it has to be done with a slider in the top left hand corner instead of having the controls on the video. Once you stop on a section you like you then have to choose from one of the very small and hard to read fan like spokes that are inside of the slider. The content is mainly copy and still images which was a let down since I was hoping to find something more interesting and suited to the material. You hope they go back for round 2 when they have more content or time to bring all of the site up to the same level.

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