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Not so Interactive Annual

Last week the latest Communication Arts Interactive Annual landed on my desk. In years past I would spend hours devouring the publication, turning each page with excitement to discover new designers and sites I have never seen before. This year brought a much different experience because for the first time it held nothing new or exciting for me.

Maybe it’s because I write this blog or maybe it’s because we all now check blogs and sites daily for the latest news and designs so that we have changed the industry and the roll of the annual. On the one hand I think it is far easier for small but well crafted work to get noticed by a huge audience in a very short amount of time and not have to wait for yearly publications to get noticed. That immediate gratification has also killed the power and impact of an annual publication because we could have seen the work a year before it was published. It will be interesting to see how and if Communication Arts decides to evolve this model or submission process to make this relevant again.

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