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Assassin’s Creed

I been complaining for a while about the sites that promote video games and movies rarely display the same level of creativity as the product they are trying to promote. The site for the upcoming video game Assassin’s Creed comes closer than any other site I have seen recently to creating an experience that draws you in the site while showing off the game it is promoting.

The experience is created by a large format high quality video that shows footage from the game. You have to use some quick reflexes to press one of the four arrow keys at certain points in the action to try and unlock 13 additional pieces of content. These range from mundane things like alternate views of of you running to more meaningful interactions that effect your actions or storyline. You have to get all 13 in order to get anything but message which is annoying but I can see they are doing it to get people to engage with the site more than once.

So while this site isn’t the greatest one I have seen overall I do applaud Ubisoft for trying to make the site more than a collection of screenshots and hope this bodes well for more creative and engaging marketing for the entertainment industry in the future.

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